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2023 - 2024 season

Fairview by Jackie Sibblies Drury '10 Directed by Navaiya Williams '25 Stage Managed by Riki Doumbia '26 and Asya Gipson '25 Production Managed by Nélari Figueroa Torres ​Featuring: Nelsa Tiemtoré '26 Cam Curney '24 Marcus Waller '26 Naja Woodard '27 Thomas Ward '27 Olha Burdeina '27 Mia Richter '25 Sofia Tazi '26 Lighting Design by Adnan Aldabbagh '25 Assistant Lighting Designer: Taimi Xu '26 Set Design by Preston Rossi '27 Props Design by Chinmayi Rajaram '26 Costume Design by Nélari Figueroa Torres '25 Poster Design by Asya Gipson '25 Technical Director: Abby Schindell '25 Build Crew: Allyssa Foster Matthew Harm Madeline Tirschwell Jordan Stornelli Executive Produced by Andrew Neubauer '25 and Yana Tsyvis RISD '26

White by James Ijames Directed by Dri de Faria '26 Assistant directed by Ishani Sharma '25

2022 - 2023 season

GOD OF VENGEANCE by Sholem Asch and translated by Caraid O'Brien ​God of Vengeance centers on Yankel and Soreh Tshaptshovitsh and their young daughter Rifkele. Yankel runs a brothel out of the basement of their shtetl home and although it keeps him financially afloat, his family is despised in the village. Yankel attempts to improve his reputation by commissioning a Torah for the local synagogue, paid for by the labor of the sex workers in his basement brothel. Yankel also tries to bolster his reputation by marrying Rifke off to a pious Yeshiva student. Little does he know that Rivke is in love with Manke, one of the sex workers he employs. Directed by Ariela Rosenzweig '24 ​Featuring: Elijah Parsons '25 Marielle Buxbaum '24 Ellie Leibner '24 Marina Benson '24 Callie Rabinovitz '24 Deborah Cherman '25 Joe Saperstein '24 Laurel Meshnick '23 Eliana Blumberg '24 Ben Rosenn '23 Tal Dickman '25 Lighting Design: Yana Tsyvis RISD'25 Poster Design: Emilia Peters Production Management: Finn Bloomquist Eggerling '23.5 Costume Design: Edie Fine '25, Mariana Fajnzylber '23, and Deborah Cherman '25 Executive Produced by Jessa Mellea '23 and Ania Briscoe '23

SOMEDAY written and directed by Hyung Jin Lee '24 “Soon we will be happy and look back and everything will have been worth it.” Fueled by the promise of opportunity and happiness, a Korean family separates. Moon Hee, a fourteen-year-old Korean girl, and Eun Jung, her working mother, head to New Jersey. Moon Hee's father, Dae Han, stays behind in Korea for his job. It sounds like a good deal. Five years. Moon Hee gets an education in the United States. Eun Jung expands her career abroad. Dae Han picks himself up. In five years they’ll reunite, better than they were. However, it soon becomes clear that their equation for happiness might not be so simply resolved. Featuring: Ellie Kim '26 Shei Jeong RISD'24 Charles Shi '23 Ivy Zhuang '25 Emma Choi '24 Maya Laur '24 Jules Griswold '25 Ester Kislin '25 Indira Abzalova '25 Assistant Director: Saira Moazzam '24 Stage Management: Mai-Thanh Nguyen '24 Production Management: Anabelle Johnston '23 Props Design: Lucia Tian '23, Matthew Harm '26, and Ashley Yae RISD'23 Set Design: Qiaoying Chen '25 and Connie Liu '23 Lighting Design: Lizi Zhang '24, Joyce Gao '24, and Adnan Aldabbagh '25 Media Design: Adnan Aldabbagh '25 Sound Design: Levi Neuwirth '26 and Atharva Nihalani '26 Costumes Design: Hyunjoo Choung RISD'24 Dramaturgy by Brian Han '24 Poster and Program Design: Ashley Yae RISD'23 Publicity: Hannah Son '23 and Lisa Li '24 Language Coaching:Jaeson Jang (Post-Doc) Executive Produced by Sojas Wagle '23

HINT!: the Parody of the Play of the Movie of the Board Game (Inspired by CLUE: The Play by Sandy Rustin, based on the screenplay by Jonathan Lynn) Six mysterious guests descend upon a decadent mansion for what they believe will be a night of raunchy, raucous revelry. We couldn’t get the rights to produce Clue: The Play, so join General Grey-Poupon, Mrs. Off-White, Madame Merlot, Mr. Grass, Professor Purple, and Mrs. Pigeon for a night of murderous hijinks like nothing you’ve ever seen before (mostly). It’s not a game anymore. It’s also not a movie anymore. Or a play. It’s… HINT!: the Parody of the Play of the Movie of the Board Game. Directed by Finn Blomquist Eggerling ’23.5 and Annie Stein ’24 Stage Managed and Assistant Directed by Zach Susini ’25 Featuring: Yoni Weil ’24 Masha Breeze ’23 Iman Husain ’23 Callie Rabinovitz ’24 Teniayo-Ola Macaulay ’25 Ari Cleveland ’24 Laurel Meshnick ’23 Ben Rosenn ’23 Lydia Riess ’24 Calvin Ware ’26 Sam Colt-Simonds ’24 Production Team: Malini Narayan ’23 Abbey Alderman ’24 Rafi Ash ’26 Cici Osias ’23 Maddie Groff ’23 Venus Talley ’23.5 Juliana Morgado Brito ’24 Sita Pawar ’25 Milan Capoor ’26 Emilia Peters ’24 Watch a recorded live-stream of the show here:

Some other festivals play with the idea of the live. WRITING IS DEAD also did that, but with a different name. Writing is Dead was a series of casual table readings of the Brown University student body’s most exciting new works, be they short plays or select scenes. A group of actors took on various roles throughout the two evenings, and audience members were welcome to read too. It was be silly, dramatic, and a raucous good time. Featured works: “The Social” by Zoe Redlich “Inspire, Rehearse, Expire” (excerpted) by Irene Zhiyi Chen “Susanna G” by Annie Stein “Trial of Medea” by Michael Geisinger “Sun Won’t Wait” by Maya Laur “Distancing” by Lily Lustig Executive produced by Lulu Cavicchi '25, Navaiya Williams '25, and Sojas Wagle '23.

2021 - 2022 season

3C2C 2021 was, as always, a student-written, student-directed, and student-acted play festival! The only requirements for the plays were that they used up to three chairs and two stock cubes in their set. Featured new works: "May Day Marian's Shop of Magical Things" - written by Lulu Cavicchi, directed by Jordan Roller "Graduation Plan" - written by Irene Chen, directed by Antara Chowdhary "A View From Sunrise Point" - written by Zoe Redlich, directed by Vinny Amato "Fuzzy Dice and Other Alternative Rosaries" - written by Amber Fehrs, directed by Marielle Buxbaum "Obert, Constance, and Delanie" - written by Marielle Buxbaum, directed by Becca Erdenebulgan Executive Produced by Robby Bush '23 and Mia McKinney '22.

VIBRATIONS written and directed by Jenna Benzinger ‘22 Vibrations follows the journey of a body after they stumble into the colorful and quirky dreamscape. The show consists of a series of dream sequences strung together in attempts to explore how the body experiences sound. A queered sound. Vibrations is an original performance art piece founded in movement and sound. The production looks to experiment with movement and music-making to explore the different ways to experience sound. This project was conceived during the pandemic and is an embodiment of the frustrations of being a disabled being in able-bodied spaces and the uneven access of sound. Vibrations is a therapeutic journey of how to queer sound, fight with sound, and celebrate sound in a performance space. Featuring: Chuck Tucker ‘23 Cherilyn Tan ‘22 Boniat Ephrem ‘22 Rachel Tam ‘23 Jayda Fair ‘25 Maggie Preller ‘24 Belinda Hu ‘23 Jaden Chew ‘23 Ria Panjwani ‘23 Maliha Islam ‘22 Iris Wright ‘23 Vance White ‘23 Elsa Bretz ‘24 Venus ‘23 Assistant Directed by Ren L[i]u ‘23 and Leona Hariharan ‘23 Musically Directed by Amelia Chalfant ‘23 Vocal Directed by Luca Iallonardi ‘25 Stage Managed by Adira Altman ‘25 Executive Produced by Will Buerger '22, Kaetlyn Liddy '22, and Caroline Finken '22

STEAMrave was an interactive multimedia art installation created by Brown | RISD STEAM. Each exhibit piece ventured into a different level of connection: cellular, self, society, and nature and asked us to ponder the connection and disconnection we feel at each level. At STEAMrave, you weren't just a viewer --you were part of the exhibit. PW's 2022 Immersive Slot.

SAILBOAT LULLABY written and directed by Irene Zhiyi Chen Jasmine, a Chinese girl new to East City Bilingual School, enters sixth grade with anxiety and loneliness. She quickly develops an affinity for Ellie Morgan, who teaches her a lot more than - and through - the English language. In the span of eight years, Jasmine grows into a writer and an intern working alongside Ellie. She tries to reciprocate the care that Ellie has given her, when Ellie goes through a series of changes in life connected to her queerness and teaching philosophy. What is their capacity of being there for each other, and how does their relationship grow beyond boundaries? Part of the PW Playwriting Residency, the performance was a staged reading. Actors read from scripts and had minimal stage movement. Featuring: Ivy Zhuang ‘25 Maiya Ramsaroop ‘25 Jonah Massey ‘24 Titi Zhang ‘25 Emilie Lum ‘24 Executive Produced by Malini Narayan '23

TRANSITORY PERMANENCE was a group exhibition highlighting artists at Brown and RISD. Through multimedia and interactive works, the show attempted to uncover the true nature of how relationships come to be and their lasting marks on the individual.

DO YOU FEEL ANGER? by Mara Nelson-Greenberg Do You Feel Anger? follows Sofia, a young professional recently hired as an empathy coach at a debt collection agency — who, clearly, has her work cut out for her. The employees can barely identify what an emotion is, much less practice deep, radical compassion for others. And while they painstakingly stumble towards enlightenment, someone keeps mugging Eva in the kitchen. DYFA? is an outrageous comedy about the absurdity—and the danger—of a world where some people’s feelings matter more than others’. Directed by Josephine Miller '24 Assistant Directed by Navaiya Williams '25 Stage Managed by Lia Ortner ‘25 Featuring: John Coady '23 Lily Lustig '23 Will Malloy '25 Katie Serra '23 Kabir Narayanan '24 Isabelle Centola '24 Elijah Parsons '24 Lighting design: Lizzy Steeves '25 Set Design: Blue Williger RISD '22 Costume Design: Dikshita Khullar '22 Poster Design: Michelle Ding '25 Production Management: Indira Abzalova '25 Executive Produced by Robert Bush '23, Jessa Mellea '23, and Lulu Cavicchi '25

2020 - 2021 season

3C2C, Production Workshop’s student-written, student-directed, and student-acted play festival! While the plays may not have had the 3 chairs and 2 cubes that give the festival its name, we did have lots of *squares* on zoom. Works featured: "2am Musings" by Ellie Leibner, directed by Madeleine Adriance "CDC?" by Marielle Buxbaum, directed by Quinn Quinlan "Zoom Out!" by Thomas Godwin, directed by Marielle Buxbaum "Carpool" by Alex Poe, directed by Yash Gulani Executive Produced by Robby Bush '23 and Will Buerger '22

PLAY CLUB was our monthly virtual reading group that read and discussed work by BIPOC playwrights. Plays discussed: MANAHATTA by Mary Kathryn Nagle WILD GOOSE DREAMS by Hansol Jung ENDLINGS by Celine Song IS GOD IS by Aleshea Harris

2019 - 2020 season

YOUR OWN PERSONAL EXEGESIS written by Julia May Jonas, directed by Francesca Sabel ’21 Assistant Directed by Jason Goodman ’23 Stage Managed by Mikey Abela ’21 The members of a church youth group—new girl Beatrice, confident Brian, sensitive Chris, sharp Addie, and Reverend Kim—attend services, host Danceathons, and prepare for their annual passion play. But a scandal is brewing. And as everyday crushes and missteps get blown to passion play proportions, the suburbs are starting to look a lot more biblical. CAST Maaike Laanstra-Corn ’21 Harry Levine ’22 Pablo Richter ’21 Peyton Strong ’22 Haley Wong ’20 PRODUCTIONT TEAM: Grace Attanasio ’21 Bella Cavicchi ’21 Claire Chen ’20 Yong Hui Chin ’20 Alex Hanesworth ’20.5 Riya Kothari ’21 Jenny Lange ’21 Dylan Lewis ’22 Jessa Mellea ’22 Clark Oh-Willeke ’23 Léane Pajot ’22 Elias Solis ’21 Ella Spungen ’23 Adi Thatai ’23 Amelia Wyckoff ‘22 **This production did not complete performances due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

THE COLLECTED COLLECTIVE was PW's 2020 TWITS ("two weeks in the (up)space") slot. Artists: Nina Fletcher Kenneth Neighbours Stina Trollbäck Jessa Mellea Kaetlyn Liddy Zev Izenberg Leo Fine Nondi Walters Chong Jing (CJ) Gan Eli Kaplan Laila Rodenbeck Miranda Luiz Ella Harris Mara Jovanović Moe Levandoski Robby Bush Seung Heon (Dave) Song Alisa Caira Facilitated by Anna Kerber & Léane Pajot Production Managed by Jared Ong Executive Produced by Isabel Brodsky and Elias Solis

THE HANGING GIRL by Aleks Merilo Directed by Rishi Wagle '20 Assistant Directed by Akash Altman '20 Stage Managed by Robert Bush '23 The Hanging Girl follows the story of Sonny, a recently expelled high school student, and his friends as they engage in a final night of revelry that will end with one of them going missing. 18 years earlier, Sonny's parents were involved in a crime that would never be reported. These two stories collide in the present day. Featuring: Arthur Chen '20 as SONNY Lavanya Sathyamurthy '22 as HAZEL Dylan Davis '21 as WADE Helen Zhang '22 as SERENA Devonte Kavanaugh '20 as CHRIS Daphne Li-Chen '21 as ASHTON Ania Briscoe '23 as IRIS Isaiah Dawkins '23 as NEIL Sojas Wagle '23 as PARKER Sam Masto '21 as EVERETT Kira Bierly '23 as NORA Renee Clairvoyant '23 as BILLIE Production Team: Production Management by Jared Ong '23 Set Design and Technical Direction by Leane Pajot '22 Technical Direction by Mara Jovanovic '22 Sound Design by Akari Izumi '21 Lighting Design by Caroline David '23 Costume Design by Glory Lee '24 Props Design by Jason Goodman '23

THE ELABORATE ENTRANCE OF CHAD DEITY by Kristoffer Diaz Directed by Ani Pula '20 Stage Managed by Julissa Garcia '22 MACEDONIO GUERRA is the most talented wrestler in THE Wrestling (definitely not a stand-in for the WWE). So why is his boss EKO writing him as the loser to the big-name star of the franchise, CHAD DEITY? When he tries to team up with the charismatic VIGNESHWAR PADUAR to write their own storylines, they instead get cast as "terrorists". Yet, as their characters become huge hits, finding the courage to say what needs to be said becomes much harder. This play takes a satirical look at violence and stereotyping in one of America's most infamous forms of mass entertainment, and asks us "once we find power, how do we use it?" Featuring: Anthony Walley Lemuel Burgos Sojas Wagle Eli Kaplan Daniel Cody Production Team: Malini Narayan Vanessa Garcia Iman Cochu Naya Lee Chang David Holmes Nick Diaz Namrata Dhore Jaden Schoenfeld Leane Pajot Dylan Lewis Hannah McFarland Jaden Schoenfeld Naya Lee Chang

3C2C 2019, as ever, was a new works festival, with the only requirements for the plays being that they use up to three chairs and two stock cubes in their set. Featured New Works: After a Little While by Gavin Petty, directed by Nathan Sorscher Don’t You See Them by Danielle Emerson, directed by Zoë Koss Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love) by Ben Shrock, directed by Weitong Zhang Tight Twenty by Gabriel Blanc, directed by Jared Schwartz Executive produced by Finch Collins ’21.

ABCD written and directed by Arvind Veluvali '20 Music Directed by Rishi Wagle '20 Stage Managed by Nate Smith '22 ABCD. American-Born Confused Desi. Let’s break it down. 'Desi' comes from the Sanskrit Desha, meaning 'homeland.' 'American-Born'—well, that speaks for itself. And stuck in the middle is the Confusion. You see, the term 'ABCD' reflects a mindset unique to the Indian community in America—and it continues to be a thorny issue for us first-generation kids, the ones born in the States after our parents immigrated. We might be American-Born, but in our parents’ minds, we will always be intrinsically 'Desi'—one foot firmly planted in the land and the culture of our forefathers. It’s a difficult balance to strike, especially since the United States is decidedly not India. In fact, the furthest thing from India is the town I grew up in, where the population is 93 percent white and the only Indian restaurant in town keeps going out of business. Still, this never stopped my parents, who drove me to cultural school every weekend for years, and still start every day with an aarti in front of our little shrine at home, from trying to instill in me the culture they grew up with—no matter how many thousands of miles we were from India. Hence, Confusion. This is the root of this new musical. It’s about finding yourself in a place where no one looks like you. It’s about forging an identity on your own terms. And it’s about the quest to become a little less confused.

THE RIMERS OF ELDRITCH by Lanford Wilson Directed by Annalie Brody ‘20 Stage Managed by Zoe Koss '20 As Martin Gottfried comments, "It is a simple one. A mystery, really. A man has been murdered. The mystery is, who he is, who murdered him and what were the circumstances? And to solve it, Wilson looks at the outsides and insides of his tiny, Middle Western town…. He is grasping the very fabric of Bible Belt America, with its catchword morality ('virgin,' 'God-fearing') and its capability for the vicious. He senses the rhythm of its life and the cruelty it can impose. He understands the speech patterns of its loveless gossips, its sex-hungry boys, its compassionless preachers, its car-conscious blondes." In the end Wilson's portrait of Eldritch is full length, and the truth of its revelations will be pondered long after the stage lights have dimmed and the play has ended.

More to come!

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