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PW has a whole bunch of different types of shows you can be a part of!

downspace shows

​- 3+ weeks in the downspace black box theater
- $750 base budget 
- PW-produced (full board support and resources!)  
- Application cycles open periodically throughout the year for fall and spring seasons 

PW produces about four shows each year in our large downstairs black box theater, affectionately known as "the Downspace." These shows each get a budget of $750 and full use of all of PW's technical and board resources. (WOW! Free money and space to make all your art dreams come true!)


Downspace show slots are assigned via an application process in which the board chooses its semesterly season from student proposals. If you are interested in proposing to PW, keep an eye on our social media and the site homepage for updates on upcoming application cycles!!

upspace lottery shows

​- Up to 5 days in the intimate upspace black box theater 

- Eligible to apply for PW grants 

- Not PW-produced (access to some board resources) 

- Applications open on a first come, first serve basis at the start of each semester

- Learn about the application process here.

The Upspace is our smaller blackbox theater, available by the day through a lottery system. We’ve hosted photoshoots, burlesque nights, cabarets, concerts, art galleries, play readings, poetry slams, and more -- and we want to expand the list! Upspace projects are not produced by PW - that means we don’t automatically give you money - but grants are available to help bring your art to life.


Learn about how to enter the Upspace Lottery here. 


​- "3 chairs 2 cubes: a short play festival"

- PW-produced 

- Held (usually) annually, in October

- Great opportunity for actors, playwrights, directors, or technicians new to theater at Brown! 

immersive art slot 

​- Blur the lines between art and audience 

- PW-produced 

- Held (usually) annually, in February or March  

Use the immersive art slot to blur lines and push boundaries! Previous immersive art slots have transformed the Downspace or Upspace into galleries, sound spaces, and more. The possibilities are endless.


Have an idea on how you can immerse your audience? Keep an eye on our social media and website for application information, likely to be released in late fall or early winter. 

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