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meet the pw board

board jobs {fall 2023}

primary jobs

Treasurers: Riki, Andrew

manages all of pw's finances via the SAO & communications with UFB

Secretaries: Josie, Navaiya 

responsible for keeping minutes of PW's weekly meetings

Listserv: Calvin 

sends the semi-weekly pw newsletter

Pwemail: Lulu

manages the inbox

Spay May: Abbey

space maintenance! 

Grants: Andrew, Maria

point people for questions related to pw's grant opportunities 

TF Green Queens: Andrew, Abbey

board members on the TF Green Advisory Board (TFGAB)

Agenda Binch: Abbey

plans agenda for and leads pw's weekly meetings

New Mems Moms: Maria, Lulu, Abbey

facilitate and organize the application process for new members to the pw board 

Web Team: Calvin, Lulu, Navaiya, Maria 

maintain the pwebsite 

Show Packet: Josie

keep pw's "show packet" (containing info for getting a show off the ground) up-to-date 

Chief Resident: Josie

First Aid Kit extraordinaire 

Archives: Lulu, Navaiya, Andrew, Riki

collects and maintains photos, posters, and important documents from past productions and updates the archive page on the website 

Calendar Strumpet: Abbey

maintains the pw calendar 

Activities Fairy: Lulu, Maria

organizes pw table at the activities fair at the start of each semester 

Transformers: Lulu 

reaches out and acts as point-person for transfer students to Brown interested in pw

Alum Outreach: Josie

reaches out to the alum 

Lulu's Chair Inscriptions: JosieLulu

organizes donations from alumni in exchange for having their names inscribed on audience seating chairs at TF Green 

Safety Officers: Andrew, Navaiya, Josie 

pw's SAO-mandated safety officers 

Lift Trained: Abbey

trained to use the lift 

Hazmat & Paint: Navaiya, Josie 

undergo hazardous waste training to maintain paint room 

Long John Silver Box: Navaiya

point-person for pw's silver box in the TF Green lobby 

SM Kit Kid: Josie

maintain TF Green's stage manager supplies 

Decision Meeting Czars: Josie, Yana

organize pw's season decision meetings

Piano Man: Josie

(theoretically) tunes pw's piano located in the upspace 

Poster Boy: Calvin, Yana

design posters, graphics as needed for pw social media and events

Marquee de Sade: Josie, Abbey, Calvin 

update pw's marquee on the exterior of the TF Green 

Visions Meetings: Maria, Navaiya

organize pw's bi-annual "visions" meetings about organization mission 

The Pwun People: Josie, Abbey

organize fun events

Sign Extraordinaire: Maria, Lulu

maintain signs in TF Green related to pw-maintained rooms 

Leave Lords: Maria, Navaiya

point-people for any board members on leave 

Heckler: Lulu

heckles board into being friends {job founded by Sonna Obiorah '22}

Stair Stacker: Lulu

stacks the stairs

Chair Stacker: Maria

stacks the chairs

Stair Chacker: Navaiya 

chacks the stairs


Chair Chacker: Josie

chacks the chairs 

Stair Whacker: Abbey

whacks the stairs

liason to the past: the ghost of jessa's institutional knowledge

room assignments

Scene Shop**: Navaiya, Andrew

**not currently available for public use 

Costume Closet: Lulu, Josie

Electrics: Calvin, Yana

Paint Room: Abbey, Josie

Furniture Room: Andrew, Abbey

Props Closet: Maria, Andrew

Dressing Room: Josie

Pwibrary: Maria

Booths: Calvin, Navaiya, Yana

Box Office: Josie, Yana, Calvin

Sound Pile: Riki, Yana

Hot Room: Josie, Riki

some iterations of the pw board throughout the years!

interested in joining the pw board?

PW generally has two application cycles each school year for joining the board, one per semester. Keep an eye out on this site and our social media for information about when apps are open! you are also always welcome to email for information about the work of the board or pw as an organization.

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